Thursday, May 19, 2011

Captcha Entry Work

This is an 100% genuine Data Entry job providing site. This site is both for experience and new freelancer worldwide who want to earn money with OnLine Data Entry Job. Now We are provide Captcha Entry job.

What is Captcha entry job?
have to log in a specific website with an id and password and type small images showing texts . You type the text as it is ( image files to convert text files ) on a text box repeatedly. If you have a good typing skill then this site can be a great opportunity for you. Need just a computer with internet connection. We have various captcha project available. If you work 4/5 hours Daily you can earn a smart income per month. So take a look on our captcha project and contact with us.

What is the work?
We desperately need many individual and teams most welcome.
We have some normal speed **CAPTCHA SERVERS**. This is a very long term project for everyone.

Earnings :
Earn $1 for 1000 images
Normal Candiates do this work 1 hour
Typing speed candiates do this work with in 30 min
Daily you work for 5 hours you will earn $10 ( No time LImit for work , 24/7 )

Work Timinigs :
9.00 P.M to 6.00 A.M
If u performed very well autometically work comes on 24 hours

Working Conditions :
1) Pc with brad band connection
2)We need a team or individuals who can do captha entry project
3) Good typing skill
4) Some days work comes on night timings only
5) Pay rate will be $1 per 1000 correct entries

Payment Method ;
weekly payment through
If you have no idea about paypal our team members direct deposit earnings to your bank account

Account ids & Passwords :
Generally we create ids and passwords and  also create your paypal online account & IDs

Dont Ask Silly Questions :
1) Work is genuine or frad
2) I am poor condition

Support :
our team members give service 24/7 online
In case of emergency our team visited your home for u r doubts clariffication


  1. yes i m ready for doing the online job

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